Couple Mistakes with Installing

First off let me say hello! This is my first post!

Ok, This is going to be long.
I am running on a Mac OSX Snow Leopard. Version 10.6.7
Before I begin explaining my problems, let me say, everything I installed, I used the default paths, so everything should be right where you expect it. Also every time I uninstall something, it is by dragging the icon/folder from the Applications menu, to the trash can. (This may help, I’m not really sure)

  1. I installed python 3.2. I have been using this and a book to get used to programming (I’m really an artist), and get into games. I got to the point where I needed to get a game library.
  2. I installed python 2.7 so I could use pygame. Upon realizing that pygame doesn’t support anything above python 2.6 on a mac, I uninstalled it.
  3. I also uninstalled python 3.2.
  4. I found Panda3d and reinstalled python 2.7, and installed Panda3d-1.7.2.dmg
  5. I uninstalled python 2.7
  6. I found another version of Panda, Panda3d-1.7.0, with a little more information for macs, and installed it.

I realize that this was a bad idea now as when I try to compile the sample programs through the terminal, it returns a load of errors.

I’ve been looking for over an hour now, and I can’t find a solution. All I want to do is uninstall python, and panda3d. If this means deleting a ton of files, I just want a list of which ones.


Uninstall any Panda3D version, and then reinstall 1.7.2. Then run the sample programs with “python2.5”, which Apple pre-installed on your system with Mac OS X.

Ok, I will do that, but how do I uninstall Panda3d?

Deleting /Developer/Panda3D should get rid of the gist of it.

Ok thank you

Ok, one more question, how do I run the sample programs with python 2.5? I know it comes with Mac OSX, but I can’t find the IDLE to run it with.

You don’t need IDLE, you can run them by console.