Could not load glb file to my code

Hi, I am currently new to Panda3D and trying to use it to create a simulator. However, after creating objects in Blender I could not figure out how to load it to my code. I installed the package for loading the gltf file. However, when I tried to run the code after the installation of the package it provides me an Os Error message. I do not know what to do? I am really interested to learn how to fix it.

The problem does not seem to be related to the glb file itself, but the fact that Panda cannot find the file. That loader call will look for “dx2-dy2.glb” in the present/current working directory, which appears to be C:\Users\leadong\Desktop\Homework Folder\CS\TP. Is there a “dx2-dy2.glb” in that directory?

Oh, that is right I did not put it in that folder. I changed to the correct folder now but the error message is still similar.

Well, I think it is at least trying to load now. I am not sure how good Assimp’s glTF support is, so you might want to try out panda3d-gltf.

Yeah i am using the panda3d-gltf plug in. Maybe I should just try to use Blend2bam instead?

The output shows it’s using assimp, not panda3d-gltf. If you are trying to use pview, note that pview is not able to make use of the panda3d-gltf plug-in, but you can use the gltf-viewer executable (part of panda3d-gltf) instead.

You can use blend2bam; it uses panda3d-gltf under the hood, but avoids some of the pitfalls of manually going through .gltf.

Oh I see. Thanks for the explain nation and I will see if blend2bam works.