Converting .blend to .egg

I need to know how to convert a .blend to .egg, i tired the chicken egg or what ever script but i didn’t know how to use it, plz help!

(1) Unpack the chicken exporter in blender/.blender/scripts.
(2) Read the chicken exporter help file. That’s the html file in bpydata/chicken.
(3) Run the exporter from blender (file->exporter->chicken).


I have a problem with chicken, I can export to egg and have no problem getting panda3d to load the model but the texturing doesn’t show?
I just get a white surface.

First I forgot to put the texture in the right folder but then panda told me that it couldn’t find it, corrected that problem, panda now doesn’t give any error warnings but the surface is still just white.

Tried to look thru both the egg manual, panda manual and the forum, found that you sometimes need to edit the egg file manually but that seems to have been an old problem before chicken 1.0

anyone got an idea what could be the problem?
(I’ve tried both jpg and png textures)

Your textures might be coming through when you export. Panda has a terrible default lighting scheme, to actually see what your mesh looks like press “L” when viewing the model with Pview.

I believe this only works when exporting to .egg with Chicken. There’s a button you can click to view the mesh with Pview when exporting the mesh, when Pview pops up press the “L” key.

will check that out, thx =)

Maybe a little help could come from


Thx but it was after trying that one that I asked :slight_smile:

but you should told me what is missing elsewhere being incomplete it won’t be usefull to anyone.