Converting .bam animation to work in Maya?

So I have an animation and model that I would like to port to Maya for use in Call of Duty, but the problem I’m having is getting the animations ported. Since I was having trouble with it, I would port the model and rig it to a skeleton that I have, but since the model was made outside of Maya, everything gets all jumbled and weird. So is there a way to properly port an animation in .bam to .mb? Using bam2egg and then egg2maya2012 or egg2maya2016 do not work for getting an animation done. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

This isn’t quite the same thing, but I just added experimental animation support to my Blender .egg importer. Used in conjunction with the improved bam2egg in the latest development builds of Panda, it can be used to get animations into Blender.

Perhaps from there, you could convert your animated models to Maya format.

Very useful info, it’s not only for me probably.