converting 3d models

I have just finished a small game like 3d pong. I want to know is there any method to convert existing .3ds models to .egg models or .bam models. I do not have 3d max installed to instal the exporter.


dont know if there is a direct 3ds->egg converter… but there are tons of opensource 3d-editors which can read 3ds and export egg or X (which again can be converted into egg/bam)
i’m pretty shure blender can handle it.

I was able to convert 3ds models into .X models and then to .egg models. The original 3ds does not have any texture. When I use the .X model or the converted .egg model of a cube and applied texture to it the texture is applied only to the front face and all the other faces are white.
why is this happening? what I have to do to apply texture to all the faces.


you just have to make shure that all faces have a porpper-uv map. even if no texture is assigned it still need to know where to “pin” the vertices on the texture.
usualy you do this in your modelling-editor. blender has a uv-editor buildin.

there are cases where you want to have these uv-maps generated by panda (for a reflection-effect for example). panda provides a nummber of functions for this. see the manual under programming->texture->12. automatic texture coordinates

since it’s just a cube both mays should work for you but usualy it’s less trouble to set up a smal uv-map in your editor. in blender it’s just a few clicks ( swith into the “uv-face-select” mode, select the faces, press “u” and in your case chose “box-projection” or “reset1/1”).you shuld be able to fully previev your textured cube (if you load the texture in blenders uv/image-editor.
just export and load the model in pview or in your program =)
if you have more komplex objects you should have a look at the blender tutorials.

hope this helps you out =)
thomas e