Convert Panda animation to mov file

Hi there:

In my project I need to convert a Panda3D animation to a mov file for demostration purpose, as shown in ETC video gallary. Can somebody let me know how to do it?



You can load up and start your animation, and then use:’/my/movie/file’, duration = 10.0)
where duration is the amount of time you want to capture in seconds. This call will capture 30 frames per second for the amount of specified seconds–in the above example, 300 frames–and write them out to a series of files named /my/movie/file_0000.png through /my/movie/file_0299.png. Then you can load these images up into Quicktime Professional (or the movie-making software of your choice) and save them out as a .mov file.

Alternatively, you could use a tool such as FRAPS to do real-time captures of your animation as it is playing.