Convert a solidwork file in .egg


I’m develloping a simulator and I want to use a solidwork assemblage, because I don’t want to recreate a model again in the blender.

Can I use a solidwork assemblage (.sdlasm) in a panda3d program?

Or can I convert this .sdlasm in .egg, and what is the converter for this ?


I’m surprised nobody has responded to this, so I’ll give it a shot. You can’t natively load a solidworks file, and whilst you could in principal write your own loader for them I very much doubt you want to reverse engineer what is going to be a very complicated file format. So you will need to convert to an egg file. Now I know solidworks has various exporters - the trick is going to be to find an exporter in solidworks that can produce a file that a program with an egg exporter can load. I’ld try Blender there, as its free and the chicken exporter works rather well. A quick google gives … orks_Model - you obviously only need to go as far as the import step. Then get chicken and use that to export the model from blender as an egg file. You will need to do some reading around I’m afraid, to learn enough of blender to do that. For chicken see the relevant thread in this forum. I’m also sure there are possibly solutions involving Maya or 3ds Max, but its a long time since I’ve used either of them.

Ok, I was also thinking about a converting solidworks file intto blender, then go in egg file.

So, could you tell me how to convert a blend file into a .egg for Pand3D


You can either first export it to .x and load that directly in panda, or you can use the Chicken exporter for blender to directly output an .egg file: