Controlling a character without a character controller

Hi, i was a little bit confused by the bullet character controller because,
it didn’t work for me at all. It gave me very much errors and also was very tedious.
At some point i could execute the program, but when i tried to parent my character with the character controller and then with the render to see it… The code stopped working.
I couldn’t even parent my character with the character controller node neither create a physics world node.

My question was: Can i build a character controller with a simple collision box?
Because when i had no programming experience at all,
i used to create minigames with the blender game engine,
and it used bullet but it didn’t had a character controller.
So, i attached the character to a rigid body cube and applied forces to the cube to move the character.
Can i do the same in Panda3d?

You can do that. That’s called a dynamic character controller. Games usually use a kinematic character controller, which is simpler and easier to code. There’s an example of one floating around somewhere on the forums, but I can’t remember where.

I think i’ll try to use the two methods and see what goes better. Thanks for your reply!