Content for future game.

Hi there! After several nights with insomnia - i make this girl.For now she’s fully rigged and textured and i start to animate her.

There are about 8000 polys without weapon (10k - 12k with). She has knife, gun with subbarrel grenade launcher, grenades, surikens and transformable sword.

Those look pretty good. :slight_smile:

It also looks as though Lara Croft was somewhat of an inspiration. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

My only criticisms are that her breasts look a little… uh… overly well-supported, and the pose of her shoulders looks a little high, and thus a little stiff and uncomfortable, even in poses that look as though they are meant to be natural.

The sword, too, is cool. :slight_smile:

It looks great but I think It needs just more realistic texture.

the posts above are more than an year old. probably the project is dead/abandoned already.

Viyole just got nominated for the “First Post Golden Spade Award 2009” :wink:

btw Welcome on the panda3d board!

That was a nice content, the photos of swords and female character is perfect, but can you put some photos of graphics in this game.