Constant speed on nurbs curve Mopath

I’m trying to use nurbs curves modeled in Blender to make model move (with MopathInterval).

The problem is that if I’m using low curve resolution (Order=2, Resolution=4), model jerks. If I’m setting higher resolution (Order=4, Resolution=8), it moves smooth, but easeIn/easeOut effect comes in (I see empty part between the first point and the second - PTAL at screenshot). As I understood, it’s something Blender is doing, not Panda3D (as blendType is set to “noBlend” by default).

What I need is a constant speed along the curve from the very start till the end, but I don’t see the way to accomplish that. I’ve tried (except all other) to set higher Weight for the first control point, but it doesn’t help much.

I’m using Blender 2.70. Is there any recipes of how to deal with it?