Constant Anim [SOLVED]

I’m having problems with my walk animation being jittery because of frequent movement calls that are sent to my characters. I’m considering having the walk animation always playing with animation blending on, and just altering the control effect of the animation, instead of starting and stopping it. Would that be unwise in terms of using system resources, as compared to starting and stopping the animation?

Never mind. This solution doesn’t work, I’ll need to come up with another.

Hmm, I’m not sure why that solution wouldn’t work; but to answer your question, it probably wouldn’t have (much) adverse impact on your system resources.

There’s a cost for blending when you are actively mixing multiple animations, because you have to compute each of the animations and then compute the blend. But if any of the animations have their control effect set to 0, they don’t cost anything.


The solution didn’t work because I need to stop the animation to “fade” from the walk to the stand when the actor stops moving. If I don’t stop it, the actor shuffles in place a bit during the transition.

I solved the problem by creating a second function for stopping movement, one that doesn’t stop the animation as well. I use that function when issuing a new movement order to an actor that is already moving. A much more elegant solution in the end, I think.