connecting nodePath's

i’ve have few nodepaths, generated with geomipmaping. i use them as terrain. just reposition after creating, buth there is this gap betven them.
im new here, just about 4 days, so would like simple way to fix this.

Try using setBorderStitching on all of your terrains: … 1e95302032

no it dosnt help. is there other way?

Hum, it should work. Did you call .setBorderStitching(True) on all of your GeoMipTerrains before the generate() call? Did you see a difference?

heres the code




self.islandtl = myGeoMipTerrain("data/textures/top left.png", 0, 2048, 200, 174)#kairej
        self.islandtr = myGeoMipTerrain("data/textures/top right.png", 2048, 2048, 200, 255)
        self.islandbl = myGeoMipTerrain("data/textures/bottom lef.png", 0, 0, 200, 193)
        self.islandbr = myGeoMipTerrain("data/textures/bottom right.png", 2048, 0, 200, 229)#deshinej

but still got this
heres full source even turning brute force looks beter

It looks like you don’t have an overlapping border. For this to work correctly, the edges of the heightmaps must overlap with 1 pixel. (This because the heightmap value is used as the height value of the corresponding vertex.) Also, make sure that your heightmaps are a power-of-two-plus-one size.

heightmaps are 2049x2049, second terrain is repositioned to 0,2048, but thesame problem. maybe there is other way? the hard one? :slight_smile:

solved!! made new heightmaps, just made that every png has 1px of other in every corner. so now i dont even need BorderStitching

Yeah, that’s the trick. You might still need border stitching in some weird situations where the LOD level of one chunk is not the same as the LOD level of the neighboring chunk on the neighboring terrain.