conflict using Ubuntu 6.10: libdirectfb-dev

The installation replaces the file /usr/lib/, which is also provided by libdirectfb-dev (required by SDL-dev).

Error message (in french):
Sélection du paquet panda3d précédemment désélectionné.
(Lecture de la base de données… 163928 fichiers et répertoires déjà installés.)
Dépaquetage de panda3d (à partir de …/panda3d_1.3.1-ubuntudapper_i386.deb) …
dpkg : erreur de traitement de /home/Hex/tmp/firefox/panda3d_1.3.1-ubuntudapper_i386.deb (–install) :
tentative de remplacement de « /usr/lib/ », qui appartient aussi au paquet libdirectfb-dev
dpkg-deb: sous-processus paste tué par le signal (Relais brisé (pipe))

Well, that was bound to happen sooner or later. Panda’s namespace is too big. We need to rename all the libraries so that they all have “panda” in the name.

It’s really unfortunate that the package we’re conflicting with happens to be another game-development library. That makes the likelihood of a collision that much greater.

OK: I’ll fix this in panda 1.3.2. I’m afraid there’s not much you can do about it until then.

  • Josh

I had a similar problem attempting to install 1.3.2 for Ubuntu Dapper on my Kubuntu Edgy system. Here’s the error output:

(Reading database … 173719 files and directories currently installed.)
Unpacking panda3d (from …/panda3d_1.3.2-ubuntudapper_i386.deb) …
dpkg: error processing /home/matt/software/panda3d_1.3.2-ubuntudapper_i386.deb (–install):
trying to overwrite `/usr/bin/dcparse’, which is also in package dcraw
dpkg-deb: subprocess paste killed by signal (Broken pipe)
Errors were encountered while processing:
Press to exit…

It looks like the problem is that Panda3D includes dcparse, part of the dcraw package which maybe wasn’t part of Dapper but looks to be used by several Edgy packages, namely gimp-dcraw, gallery2, exrtools, kipi-plugins, f-spot, and digikam. I don’t use digikam much, but kubuntu-desktop depends on it.

I’m guessing that the problem could be solved by creating Panda3D packages for Edgy in addition to Dapper, or by removing it from the Panda3D package and letting people install it directly from the repos. Any plans in the works for this, maybe for 1.3.3? Additionally, if anyone knows of a way to install most of a package while ignoring conflicting pieces like this please let me know.

The “dcparse” in panda isn’t the same program. It’s two different programs with the same name.

Is there any way to just rename it?

Rename the already installed dcparse, or Panda’s? Either way I’m not sure. I may try to do a local source build and installation of Panda3D so that I don’t pollute my /usr/bin with more potential conflicts.

In this light, is there any chance that future Panda3D packages could rename the executables to something more panda specific, as well as the libraries? When I first installed Panda (I originally had it installed under Kubuntu Dapper, but had to remove it to resolve conflicts during the upgrade to Edgy) I was a bit dismayed at just how many distinct executables it installed in /usr/bin with some very non-descript names. I was worried about possible conflicts, and it looks like one has now occurred. Prefixing any Panda3D utility or library installed into a common directory with a “panda3d-” or even a “p3d-” would go a long way towards future proofing the whole system.

Yes, you’re right. I think I may very well do this in the next panda release.

I’ve exactly the same problem on my kubuntu 6.10 edgy… I hope a new version (or patch) that solves this issue will be released as soon as possible

Any Idea around when an updated panda that fixes the conflict-problem might be released? I am in need :frowning: since I upgraded to kubuntu edgy (shouldnt have) and Im using Panda3D for my uni project!!!

If it might be a while then i might have to consider returning to windows (yuck!) :laughing:

isn’t it already fixed in 1.3.2???

if not, don’t get afraid, there’s more than one way to skin a cat.
Just rename the old package.