Configuring Notepad++ to use panda and python?

Edit: Can someone tell me how to use notepad ++ with panda, vim looks very unappealing for beginners.

Same as you would use any other editor with Panda. Write your code in it, save as .py, and run from the command-line.

I might also recommend Stani’s Python Editor, which, while not perfect, does at least allow one to run from the editor, including providing an output pane, and also has a separate Python shell pane.

(If you’re using Ubuntu, you should find it in the Software Centre; otherwise, scroll down the page linked to above and look for a menu on the right.)

Nothing special has to be done to use Notepad++ for writing Panda3D programs. But NP++ will provide little more then syntax highlight.

But there are some tips:
-change tabs into 4 spaces (Preferences -> Language Menu/Tab Settings)
-set the ‘run’ command (F5) to execute

ppython "$(FULL_CURRENT_PATH)"

-don’t name files ‘’ - but that’s a general tip :wink:

word of advice - use eclipse and pydev.
using notepad instead of eclipse is like walking to the other city instead of driving.

How could I run a script from right in vim and get the output?