Configuration issue, using ppremake on Debian sid

Hey, I’ve gotten ppremake to agree that I have libjpeg; however, it’s being stubborn with libpng and libtiff. Here is the pertinent snippet of Config.pp :

// Is libpng installed, and where?
#define PNG_IPATH /usr/include       
#define PNG_LPATH /usr/lib/i368-linux-gnu
#define PNG_LIBS png
#defer HAVE_PNG $[libtest $[PNG_LPATH],$[PNG_LIBS]]

// Is libtiff installed, and where?
#define TIFF_IPATH /usr/include
#define TIFF_LPATH /usr/lib/i368-linux-gnu
#define TIFF_LIBS tiff
#defer HAVE_TIFF $[libtest $[TIFF_LPATH],$[TIFF_LIBS]]

And here are the outputs of some ls commands showing the presence of the files:

$ ls /usr/include | grep png

$ ls /usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu | grep png

$ ls /usr/include | grep tiff

$ ls /usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu | grep tiff

Is ppremake expecting a particular version? and not recognizing them because they’re too new? (sid is bloody) Thanks!

I don’t see any problems there. What happens if you simply replace the HAVE_PNG and HAVE_TIFF lines with:

#define HAVE_PNG 1
#define HAVE_TIFF 1


It builds just fine if I do that, but running the hello world app gives errors that it can’t read png or tiff files still.



#define PNG_LPATH /usr/lib/i368-linux-gnu 
#define TIFF_LPATH /usr/lib/i368-linux-gnu


#define PNG_LPATH /usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu 
#define TIFF_LPATH /usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu


“Doh!” for sure! I had to stare at your post for a really long time before I even saw the difference.

…However…even after getting ppremake to understand where libpng and libtiff are, and even after compiling successfully, and linking with the new libraries (I double-checked that they were the new ones), my hello world app still gives the same message it did before I had compiled it with png and tiff: gobj tells me the “png” texture extension is unknown, and, therefore, some of the files for the model are not readable… Thoughts? (thanks for the first bit of help, by the way)

Did you call “ppremake” in the “panda” directory again, too? You might want to try a “make clean” in the relevant directories to absolutely make sure it is rebuilding the appropriate modules (pnmimagetypes, I think).

GAH! I guess I needed to triple-check the libraries I was using. It had built the new ones correctly, but I was lazy about adding /usr/local/panda/lib to the library path, so I had just copied the libs to /usr/local/lib, but manually specified -L/usr/local/panda/lib to g++. Result = it linked to the right ones, but didn’t load the right ones at runtime. Sorry.