Concept question loading actors

ok so im my game there are 50 characters to choose from and you can take up to 6 (If you meet all existing conditions. also this number can change per level) into the game and use them.

I am trying to figure out the simplest way to set this up for my game Should i Use a CSV file and read/write the info there for the game to load or use variable (which could get confusing if i say allow 24 char’s in one level and 6 in another). Or maybe I should use another method that works better that I dont know about yet.

This is more of a concept question and I hope I can get some insight as to which is the best way to go.

On top of this each character is fully customizable based on information from each character example would be weapon used due to strength and speed limits. So I would need to be able to customize each character and store this info from level to level. So there is really 2 levels of information that need to be stored for the game to operate. What is the best (being fast running and fairly easy usage) to use?

Maybe using sqlite could simplify things for you?

I would use csv file or a .py to store config data.