computer specs

I was just wondering if these specs are too low for Panda3D

Over 1,200 Dhrystone MIPS using the superscalar ARM Cortex-A8 with highly accurate branch prediction and 256KB L2 cache running at up to 600MHz

OpenGL© ES 2.0 capable 2D/3D graphics accelerator capable of rendering 10 million polygons per second

in case any one is wondering these specs come from a BeagleBorad[/url]

I believe rdb and some others have been trying to compile panda for the beagleboard, however I don’t know of their results.

Yep, I’ve gotten Panda to run on my own beagle board.

How well does it run, and what are the limits for it?

Well, I can run Roaming Ralph at about 10 fps.

10fps? that’s awful. Beagleboard looks cool, though I don’t know for what. I didn’t know everyone had one already. What OS, maybe ubuntu ARM?

I used Ubuntu ARM. But note that the collisions were probably the biggest bottleneck here - as the geometry of Roaming Ralph is quite complex for a game supposed to run on an embedded device, I was actually quite satisfied with the result.