compute_internal_bounds error

with latest code,sometimes get error:

AssertionError: !pmin.is_nan()

void Geom::
compute_internal_bounds(Geom::CData *cdata, Thread *current_thread) const {
  int num_vertices = 0;

  // Get the vertex data, after animation.
  CPT(GeomVertexData) vertex_data = cdata->_data.get_read_pointer(current_thread);
  vertex_data = vertex_data->animate_vertices(true, current_thread);

  // Now actually compute the bounding volume.  We do this by using
  // calc_tight_bounds to determine our box first.
  LPoint3 pmin, pmax;
  PN_stdfloat sq_center_dist;
  bool found_any = false;
  do_calc_tight_bounds(pmin, pmax, sq_center_dist, found_any,
                       vertex_data, false, LMatrix4::ident_mat(),
                       cdata, current_thread);


Ah, does it perhaps happen on models without any vertices? I can see how that would happen. I have just pushed a fix for this, thanks.

It could also happen if there are NaN values in your vertex data.