Compiling with bullet

So I try to compile panda with --everything and it stops at 51% with this meesage:

In file included from panda/src/bullet/p3bullet_composite.cxx:30:0:
panda/src/bullet/bulletSliderConstraint.cxx: In member function 'PN_stdfloat BulletSliderConstraint::get_angular_pos() const':
panda/src/bullet/bulletSliderConstraint.cxx:177:36: error: 'class btSliderConstraint' has no member named 'getAngularPos'
In file included from panda/src/bullet/p3bullet_composite.cxx:33:0:
panda/src/bullet/bulletSoftBodyNode.cxx: In member function 'void BulletSoftBodyNode::append_anchor(int, BulletRigidBodyNode*, const LVector3&, bool)':
panda/src/bullet/bulletSoftBodyNode.cxx:702:72: error: no matching function for call to 'btSoftBody::appendAnchor(int&, btRigidBody*&, btVector3, bool&)'
panda/src/bullet/bulletSoftBodyNode.cxx:702:72: note: candidate is:
/usr/include/bullet/BulletSoftBody/btSoftBody.h:727:10: note: void btSoftBody::appendAnchor(int, btRigidBody*, bool)
/usr/include/bullet/BulletSoftBody/btSoftBody.h:727:10: note:   candidate expects 3 arguments, 4 provided
In file included from panda/src/bullet/p3bullet_composite.cxx:42:0:
panda/src/bullet/bulletBaseCharacterControllerNode.h: At global scope:
panda/src/bullet/bulletBaseCharacterControllerNode.h:46:44: warning: inline function 'virtual btPairCachingGhostObject* BulletBaseCharacterControllerNode::get_ghost() const' used but never defined [enabled by default]
panda/src/bullet/bulletBaseCharacterControllerNode.h:47:50: warning: inline function 'virtual btCharacterControllerInterface* BulletBaseCharacterControllerNode::get_character() const' used but never defined [enabled by default]
Storing dependency cache.
Elapsed Time: 31 min 26 sec
The following command returned a non-zero value: g++ -ftemplate-depth-30 -fPIC -c -o built/tmp/p3bullet_composite.o -Ibuilt/tmp -Ibuilt/include -I/usr/include/python2.7 -I/usr/include/bullet -DMAKEPANDA= -Ipanda/src/bullet -pthread -msse2 -O2 -DBUILDING_PANDABULLET panda/src/bullet/p3bullet_composite.cxx
Build terminated.

So I looked at p3bullet.composite.cxx and noticed that only *.cxx were included so I changed it to the appropriate header files and it compiles fine, but when I try to do something that is in anyway related to the bullet module every panda program crashes…

Any suggestion or obvious things I am overlocking?

Thanks in advance!

This means that your Bullet lib is more than one year old:

Oh, and keep p3bullet.composite.cxx the way it is.

Ahh thanks now everything works as expected :smiley: