Compiling the source code

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It should already be set up to use MSVC7 by default; in fact, the lines that you see in Config.pp are designed to select MSVC7 if nothing else has been explicitly selected.

In what way is it failing? Is it really not invoking the correct compiler, or is something different going wrong? Can you show me the exact error message you are getting?


[color=green]Wigand@sadistic [color=yellow]~/panda3d/dtool
$ ppremake
Root is /c/cygwin/home/Wigand/panda3d/dtool
Reading /home/Wigand/Config.pp
Unable to open include file /home/Wigand/Config.pp.
Error reading Package.pp.

The compiler guess was really a shot in the dark. Above is the error I’m getting. Thanks for the help.

This is the key error message. Presumably, your PPREMAKE_CONFIG environment variable contains the string “/home/Wigand/Config.pp”, but this file does not exist, or cannot be opened for some reason.

Does the file /home/Wigand/Config.pp exist? You can create an empty file if you don’t have anything to put there.

If the file does exist, there are several places something might have gone wrong to prevent ppremake from finding it.

Did you use Cygwin to compile ppremake.exe, via the configure script; or did you compile it via the MSVC7 project file? If you used the project file, then the resulting ppremake.exe doesn’t know about Cygwin mount points like “/home”, and you should set PPREMAKE_CONFIG to /c/cygwin/home/Wigand/Config.pp instead.

You can doublecheck the way that ppremake was compiled with ppremake -h, which should say the default value for -p is either “Cygwin” or “Win32”.

If you did compile it with Cygwin, are you sure that c:/cygwin is properly mounted in your Cygwin environment?


Thanks David,

I did switch to using the non-cygwin method. Current questions are in the newly created thread.

Thank you, and sorry for the confusion.