Compiling Panda3d on OpenSuse 11.0

I’ve tried to install Panda for a while now. Here’s what I’ve tried:

  • Installed the OpenSuse 10.3 .rpm, didn’t work.
  • Downloaded the source package, compiling failed (because my version of gcc can’t compile it)
  • Downloaded from CVS, didn’t work (couldn’t figure out how to do it)
  • I’ve done what tjdx wrote in this post:

This is how the compilation ends:

Using makepanda/ --everything. When I tried to do --installer too, it told me “Cannot build installer without python”. And, yes, I have got python installed :wink:

All help is appreciated.

The error message appears to indicate that gtk±2 (the development package) is not installed. You can either install this, or you should be able to disable this option in–without it, you won’t be able to build pstats, but you can build everything else.


Thanks for you reply. I’ve decided to go back to Ubuntu, so then, I can hopefully use the .deb file to install it.