Compiling panda3d-2007.12.11 source with pywin32

I am looking into compiling the automated build of panda3d with python2.5 and pywin32 modules. Then using packpanda to create an installer.

Has anyone done this?

pywin32 available here

I’m sure it is possible (90% sure),


I’m pretty sure that build of panda already has python 2.5. So that just leaves pywin32. I think that adding pywin32 is simply a question of unpacking it, then copying the files into the thirdparty/win-extras directory. Those get copied into the distribution’s python tree.

WOW panda python has support for phidgets?!? Cool! I’ve done some Phidgeting in my stint at University of Queensland Multimedia.

Yeah panda3d-2007.12.11 does have python 2.5, that’s why I chose it. Will get around to building it today sometime.

Let you konw how it goes.


Panda doesn’t really have any support for phidgets. There was this one time that one of my students was using phidgets for something. For convenience, I just stuck the phidgets distribution in that directory and I kinda forgot it was there. I suspect it’s wildly out of date.

Awesome, no recompilation required.

What I wanted is to be able to packpanda with win32 and PIL functionality. This is how I did it.

Steps on how to get it to work.

  1. Install the win32 and PIL packages to your panda python directory.
  2. locate msvcr71.dll in your system32 folder and copy it into your panda python directory.
  3. locate pythoncom25.dll, and pywintypes25.dll, can’t remember where from… do a search. Copy those into the bin directory of panda.

That’s it when you packpanda your game will now have the functionality of the win32 tools and PIL.

Hope this helps anybody.