Compiling a python panda3D game frustrations.[Seems almost impossible]

I cannot get anything to work to compile my game to an exe no matter what compiler I use. Nothing works… I am just so frustrated, I have worked on my game making a server and client for months. I have no motivation to go on with my project as I feel I will never be able to actually distribute it. I am to the point that I would PAY someone to do it for me, I have too much time invested to just quit. If I am unable to compile the game, I am just going to give up on the project. ANY at all help would be extremely appreciated.

What version of Panda are you using? Have you tried the packp3d stuff? How about deploy-ng?

Sorry about your struggles friend. I don’t know if it will help but Yonnji wrote on different ways of deploying your project once it’s done:
Using conda and so on. Maybe you could take a look at that.