Compiler with VC2008 Express Edition is possible??

Hi everybody,

I did my first project using the this page:

but, I did likely in the examples, but don’t works, accuse very errors in the files of the Panda C++.

1>LINK : fatal error LNK1104: cannot open file 'python25_d.lib'

the only python dll i can found is are “python25.dll” and that not.
And anyone can help me with this problem.

Thanks for the attenction and have a nice day.

python25_d.dll is the debug version. If you want to compile against python25.dll instead, you need to build a Release build of your application, not a Debug build.

Or, you can go to and download the debug python25_d.lib and python25_d.dll.


Hi drwr,
So, I make the download and i don’t found the dll and the lib, and the problems with the lib, continue, this don’t work with nothing for now i can found, For Debug or Release, i don’t understand how and why?..because i make the all things i can found about this explanation, but don’t works.

So, anyone have a tutorial for this, I know is very begginner, but I really missing this.
And a just additional information, I am using the VC++ 2008(VC 9).

Thanks for the attenction and have a nice day.
(Sorry for anything wrong).

There used to be a tutorial, though it’s horribly old and outdated, and might contain irrelevant information: … oldid=4381

Please also do search the forums, your question has been asked a lot of time.

Hi pro-rsoft,
I using this tutorial, but don’t help me for a lot, using this tutoial i can see the very others errors.
Anyway thanks for the attenction and I go to continue search for a solution.

So, I make the several configuration like in the example

I am using the Visual C++ express edition 2008 and the last version of panda 3d and the thirdparty too.
But when , i compile returns that error

LINK : fatal error LNK1181: cannot open input file 'libframework.lib'

And the folder what exist in the manual to configure the Visual C++ 2005 the folder “lib” in the other folder “nspr” don’t exist, and that is the last version, the version 1.5.3, how is in the download session.
So, Any can say to me how i can consert this?Because I don’t can see with very easily.

Thanks for the attenction and have a nice day for all.

The folder “nspr” is no longer needed, you can remove that one from the list.
Are you sure the path c:\panda3d-1.5.3\lib is added to the linker paths, and the libframework.lib is actually existing in that dir? Im actually not sure whether its really named libframework.lib, it might also be named libp3framework.lib. Just check the \lib dir and what it contains.