Compile Panda on OSX Lion

Has any one compiled panda3d from source on OSX lion?

I get this error when I try


I don’t have a copy of Lion, but it looks from the error like something is wrong with the ffmpeg library that you’re referencing. Not sure if that’s preinstalled on your system, or if it’s been explicitly installed from some other source, but you might try simply disabling this with the --no-ffmpeg option to makepanda.

It might also help to use the latest code from the source repository, rather than the 1.7.2 bundle.


Would doing a port install of the ffmpeg library fix this?

No, it would probably create conflicts if you’re using it together with the one from the thirdparty packaging.

If the latest source fails, you could try manually fixing it by replacing instances of “unsigned __int64” with uint64_t (and signed with int64_t).

In fact, the code has no explicit references to __int64, which is a Windows-only typedef. It instead references int64_t. But the fact that the error message compalins about __int64 instead tells me that some code, somewhere, has issued the line “#define int64_t __int64”, which is obviously wrong on a non-Windows platform. This code isn’t anywhere in the Panda source, so that’s why I suspect the ffmpeg library.


not 100% related but sounds similar

[url]openCVTexture.h line 89]

it was also a problem related to some unknown int64 type stuff maybe you can apply a similar fix somehow.

I don’t think that’s related.