Compile C++ with Visual Studio Code?

Has anyone successfully compiled using Visual Studio Code?

How about Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 Community?


Visual Studio Code is not a compiler, it is just a code editor.

Visual Studio 2017 can be used to compile Panda. There is a pull request in GitHub to support this.

Yeah, I know, but what confused me was the documentation:

“Panda3D 1.9 is compiled with the Visual C++ 2010 compiler, which is the latest version that still has compatibility with Windows XP. This means that you will also need to use the Visual C++ 2010 compilers to compile your project, or it will crash in mysterious ways.”
from :

So long as this compiler is available from within VS 2017 Community, I should be ok.

For clarity, the downloadable SDK builds of Panda 1.9 are built using the VC 2010 compiler. If you mean to use the downloaded build, you are locked to that compiler version.

If you want to use Visual C++ 2017 compiler, then you will need to recompile Panda3D from source, including the thirdparty packages.

However, you can still use Visual Studio 2017 with the Windows SDK 7.1 / VC 2010 compiler with Panda 1.9, if you set your target platform in the compiler settings to “WindowsSDK7.1”.

Note that the development builds of Panda3D 1.10 that are built for Python 3 are built with the VS 2015 compiler.

Ok, thanks for explaining. Most of the 3D-programming I’ve done so far has been in WebGL & Javascript, so this is a level up for me…