Compatible Map Creators

Hi Panda3D Forum,

We are searching for compatible map editors that are easy to use.

We’ve tried DeLeD or Blender, but it looks very time consuming and we dont have that much time. We just want an easy map with not so much fancy graphics or shaders.

What would you recommend?
Is FPS Creator compatible with it?

Thanks right away (:


it depends on what mp you want - blender is quite simple for making landscapes but for that you can also use heightmaps and panda’s integrated terrain renderer.
if you wand something like quake/half-life then you can just use .bsp map directly as far as i know so those quake/hl/… leveleditors should be the right thing for you

since when does panda support loading of bsp maps?

thought so, sorry

Wouldn’t Anim8or work out?

I mean, if Blender is too complicated/time consuming, wouldn’t something easier do the job?

You speak about map editing but then you mention shaders… What exactly are you wanting?

Something to create the graphics and models for a level in? Or something to actually place those models together into a unified whole that would be the “mission” or level or whatever you want to term it. :slight_smile:

The first is more something like Blender, while the latter would be something like the Scene Graph editor that comes with Panda3d. There are several editor projects, but none are finished as far as I know – this includes the one that comes with Panda3d.

It’s possible to use a program like Blender or some other art program as both; The Egg file format is flexible enough that you can drop in meta-data that doesn’t correspond to just graphical model information.

Note that not all Egg exporters are this flexible. I know the one for Blender and Maya can do this right out of the box, but even if the exporter does, Eggs are just text files and can be easily manipulated. But then you’re talking more about the second class of program; Something that sits between the art creation phase and the final running game phase, where you place game assets, assign scripting/actions to them, etc.

Thanks for all your answers

I want to make myself clear: Im not talking about Shaders or anything like that. Im talking about a Map/Level that doesnt take much time.

It also doesnt need a terrain or heightmap because i want it to be real basic, like flying boxes or something

Thank you all for future answers (:


if you have the time to go through the tutorial/documentation then you’ll see you can make almost everything with blender

especially flying boxes are simple:
insert a box, move it, scale it, put a material on it, next box