compatibility with worldviz vizard hardware

Hi Panda3D community!

My lab is thinking of adding Panda3D to our toolbox, but we are worried that not all the hardware is supported.

Does anyone here use Panda3d with hardware from WorldViz, such as their PPT (Precision Position Tracking)?

Also, does anyone here use HMDs (head-mounted display), and if so which ones?


Hi, welcome to panda3d.

i’m by no means a tracking system expert. but i know that cmu uses a lot of tracking equipment themselfs , so panda comes with a VRPN client buildin. so i’d guess you can use that to connect to your WorldViz equipment (according to their webside they provide VRPN 6 and 7)

for more information and examples feel free to search the forum for the term “vrpn”