Comparing Panda3D vs Godot

I want to choose a game engine
I’m a web developer and flask programmer
I want to use a game engine but I’m so puzzle which one of the engines are much suitable as beginner like me .

Unity, Godot , Panda3D

I want to be python game developer rather than c++

Can you explain me Godot has higher performance or Panda3D ?

I think panda3d is so awesome but I’m not sure is a good choice to me either not.

Please guide me for choosing a good game engine

With Gobot, you won’t become a python developer. It uses a pseudo python.

I know
But the most important difference is the editor of Godot
And this makes me to get confuse which I choose

Some times I tell myself I go to use unity ( has many jobs, big community, … )

But I don’t like c# :joy:

I’m among the Panda3d and godot

If you want an editor-focused game engine, I would choose Godot over Panda3D. If you prefer working with a framework, then Panda3D would be the better choice. I suspect performance is similar enough between Godot and Panda3D, but I have no evidence to back that up with. Also, if you want to do a 2D game, I’d pick Godot over Panda3D.

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I’ve used both Godot and Panda3D to produce games. I think both are good engines, but they are also quite different and fit different needs.

Godot uses a heavily editor-based workflow, with excellent out-of-the-box tools, especially for the development of 2D games. I would definitely consider it if you have an undemanding application without too many custom needs and need to quickly churn out content without spending a lot of time building out your engine and pipeline.

Panda3D is a more low level, but more flexible framework, that lets you build out your own “engine” and asset pipeline. It tries to expose the full range of functionality that the graphics card offers. It lets you do more things but you have to do more things yourself. As a result, you can do all sorts of crazy rendering techniques, but you have to do more work to do some seemingly basic things.

There’s another gotcha about Godot: it doesn’t use Python, but its own language that is inspired by Python. This does mean that you’re locked out of the entire Python ecosystem of packages and libraries, and entirely dependent on the Godot-specific ecosystem, which is considerably smaller (albeit growing). If you need to do things that Godot doesn’t provide out of the box, and nobody developed a plug-in for, you have to write a C++ extension. With Panda3D you don’t have this problem, both because you get access to the entire world of Python libraries, but also because Panda3D has sufficient exposure of low-level APIs that you can implement a lot of things yourself.

In the end, the best way to choose an engine is to spend some time with both of them, and then choose which one best fits your desired workflow and gets you closer to your goal. :slight_smile:


Panda3D uses Python, which is what you want.
Godot uses GDSript and C# (and two other languages). GDScript is supposed to be like Python, but has a more JavaScript like-environment.

So choose what you like based on my description.

P.S.: Please forgive me about some spelling mistakes and weird words. My keyboard isn’t responding.