Comparing panda

I know about the rapid development of panda. But

What does panda have that other really good commercial quality 3d engines don’t have?

Also what do those other engines have that panda doesn’t have.

Is there even anything more that panda needs?

Please can you send me a list of the things that are to be implemented into panda in the future.

See for yourself. Panda3D is #5 in the top-10 free engines. … .php?id=95
(Note that some information on that page may be outdated. New features have been added to Panda3D since that article was written.)

Well, that is rather old, last updated 2005.
Can somebody please give a more recent answer for my questions?

hm… what panda lacks… at least what i’m missing…
-some buildin dynamic shadow-casting (you can still get them with shaders but this doesnt work on older hardware^^)
-some small things like a box collision-solid (there are others like spheres and tubes etc)
-buildin free(as in speech) & bugfree 3d-sound
-some automatized culling/clipping optimisations of the single objects (flatten is good but something for splitting huge meshes is another important thing, i’m doing this manually atm)

some things you have to pay TONS of money for when using other engines:
-no forced and unneccessary limits like only a few people for multiplayers etc.
-runime-programming (i never used this possibility… thought…)
-open source ( you can change&controll everything you need)
-panda is fast :slight_smile: from my tests one of the fastest python-controlled engines.
-it comes with batteries included =)
-you can controll almost anything using python.
-free support especially from the developers & fast bugfixing (in case you can find one)

well and the usual stuff other engines may provide too.
i really like the fully flagged animation system with bones,subpartactors and even morphkeys :slight_smile: hell i want to use it.

oh and of course there is a very good blender exporter which keeps up with the blender development. exports static and animated objects, bones,levels (you can even bake the lightmaps with radiosity) etc etc. blender really makes it easy to create and animate your models. adding small details in blender and render them to a normalmap is a question of 2 mouseclicks :slight_smile: really great workflow.