Common admin's light my fire ))

Some time ago, finished the study manual, and decided to dig in deeper.
Dug API-reference and very surprised at how much it lags behind the source: there are no class methods, there is no description of existing methods, the scheme of inheritance, in source made no reference to authorship, semantic twins (panda3d.core.Loader, showbase.Loader.Loader etc.). Who know, enlighten the state of this project, would not want to deal with opening the dead bear. Recommend a live news feed.

The API reference is automatically generated from scanning the source files. It is true that it is far from perfect. Would you like to help make it better?


When intelligence starts to bubble, I’m surely scribble something. Truely, the project is active ?

Panda3D surely is an active project. As proof, here’s a feed of the CVS repository changes:

ok, thanks that was encouraged )