Comilling from source win10x64 MSVC14 2015

Hello all, again I’m decided to make “right way” and build panda from source
so I’m downloaded latest build from ,third party stuff, unpacked to panda source dir

and run makepanda\makepanda.bat --everything --installer --no-eigen --threads=2 but stuck on sript cant find thirdparty directiry…
after that I’ve made copy of thirdparty folder to thirdparty-vc14-x64 as you can see on picture ,this also doesnt make anything…

The folder should be named exactly thirdparty; do not attempt to rename it.

It looks like makepanda.bat looks for Python 2 by default, which is not shipped in that particular thirdparty archive.

Try using this command instead:

thirdparty\win-python3.6-x64\python.exe --everything --installer --no-eigen --threads=2

I have a similar problem. I suspect that there is a problem with the windows 10. It strangely works with relative paths.

Temporary, I’m installed SDK, but its seems that LUI installation stuck now
C:\3d\app\LUI-master>h:\p3d\python\python.exe c:\3d\app\LUI-master\
Creating directory c:\3d\app\LUI-master\win_amd64_panda1.10.0_py36_vc140
Executing command: cmake C:/3d/app/LUI-master -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=RelWithDebInfo -DPYTHON_EXECUTABLE:STRING=h:\p3d\python\python.exe -DPROJECT_NAME:STRING=lui -DINTERROGATE_LIB:STRING=libp3interrogatedb -GVisual Studio 14 2015 Win64 -DPYTHONVER:STRING=36 -DTHIRDPARTY_WIN_DIR=H:\thirdparty\win-libs-vc14-x64 -DHAVE_LIB_EIGEN=TRUE -DHAVE_LIB_FREETYPE=TRUE -DIGATE_VERBOSE=0 -DOPTIMIZE=3

– Bitness: 64 bit (‘1’)
– Detected panda3d installation: H:\p3d
– Detected visual studio version: vc14
– Detected thirdparty directory: H:\thirdparty\win-libs-vc14-x64
CMake Error at CMakeLists.txt:261 (message):
Interrogate failed: Executing command: H:\p3d\bin\interrogate -fnames
-string -refcount -assert -python-native -SH:\p3d\include/parser-inc
-SH:\p3d\include/ -srcdir . -oc interrogate_wrapper.cpp -od
-module lui -library lui -nomangle -DINTERROGATE -DCPPPARSER -D__STDC__=1
-D__cplusplus=201103L -D__inline -D_X86_ -DWIN32_VC -DWIN32 -D_WIN32
-DWIN64_VC -DWIN64 -D_WIN64 -D_MSC_VER=1600 -D"__declspec(param)="
-D__cdecl -D_near -D_far -D__near -D__far -D__stdcall .\config_lui.h
.\luiAtlas.h .\luiAtlasDescriptor.h .\luiAtlasPacker.h .\luiAtlasPool.h
.\luiBaseElement.h .\luiBaseLayout.h .\luiBounds.h .\luiChunkDescriptor.h
.\luiColorable.h .\luiEventData.h .\luiExpression.h .\luiFontPool.h
.\luiHorizontalLayout.h .\luiInputHandler.h .\luiIterators.h .\luiObject.h
.\luiRect.h .\luiRegion.h .\luiRoot.h .\luiSprite.h .\luiText.h
.\luiVertexChunk.h .\luiVertexData.h .\luiVertexPool.h

/h/p3d/include/parser-inc/unordered_map:39:13: error: unknown type ‘Key’

  typedef Key key_type;

/h/p3d/include/parser-inc/unordered_map:40:13: error: unknown type ‘Key’

  typedef Key value_type;

/h/p3d/include/parser-inc/unordered_map:41:13: error: unknown type ‘Hash’

  typedef Hash hasher;

/h/p3d/include/parser-inc/unordered_map:42:13: error: unknown type ‘Pred’

  typedef Pred key_equal;

/h/p3d/include/parser-inc/unordered_map:43:13: error: unknown type

  typedef Allocator allocator_type;

Error parsing file: ‘.\luiBaseElement.h’

Traceback (most recent call last):
File “scripts/”, line 135, in
File “scripts/”, line 108, in interrogate
File “C:\3d\app\LUI-master\scripts\”, line 253, in try_execute
raise Exception(“Process had non-zero returncode:”, process.returncode)

Exception: (‘Process had non-zero returncode:’, 1)

– Configuring incomplete, errors occurred!
See also “C:/3d/app/LUI-master/win_amd64_panda1.10.0_py36_vc140/CMakeFiles/CMakeOutput.log”.
See also “C:/3d/app/LUI-master/win_amd64_panda1.10.0_py36_vc140/CMakeFiles/CMakeError.log”.
render pipeline installed ok,but LUI stucks on this strange error

As for the problem in the first message. Then you need to make a correction in the makepanda.bat file by writing the version number. For the pythondir variable.

  set pythondir=win-python3.6-x64
) else (
  set pythondir=win-python3.6

I would change the system of passing arguments.

  1. The first argument for makepanda.bat is the python version
  2. The second argument is the filename containing the string for

I’m all trying to build Panda3D from sources. However, I ran into the requirement to install Visual Studio 2015. Do I need this? In the end, before such a need was not …

No MSVC version specified. Defaulting to 14 (Visual Studio 2015).
Version: 1.10.0
Using Python 3.6
Using Windows SDK 10.0.17134.0
Storing dependency cache.
Elapsed Time: 0 sec
Couldn't find Visual Studio 2015.  To use a different version, use the --msvc-version option.
Build terminated.

Yes, we no longer support 2010 but switched to MSVC 2015 as minimum compiler. This has been announced several times in the monthly blog posts. Also see this discussion:

The MSVC 2015 compilers are freely available from the Microsoft website. It is easiest to download the Visual Studio 2017 installer and select the option to get the MSVC 2015 binaries during the installation. Or, you could just build with the MSVC 2017 compilers by adding the --msvc-version 14.1 option.

Oh yeah, the link Windows 10 SDK to git leads in fact to the update, not the SDK with the compiler.

I think this link will be better.

It seems that now we need to put Visual Studio 2017, because the compilers are not provided separately. Earlier SDK 7.1 was installed by the compiler.