come join the #panda3d IRC channel ;)

hi all,

I would like to take the opportunity to ask panda3d users to consider coming into our humble IRC channel when they are online , as while this forum is a wonderful resource sometimes making realtime help available is wonderful for not only newbies but professionals alike. If you can spare sometime when you are online please join us at: on #panda3d

cu there I hope :wink:

spammy neighborlee
Advertising… tztztz :smiley:

Nah, for real… the channel is good if you need FAST help or have a very special problem - but (again) for the sake of having everyone being able to read whats being said a forum has its positive aspects too :slight_smile:

Regards, Bigfoot29

I’d be in the channel, but my router’s firewall won’t let any IRC traffic through. I’ve tried everything to get port fowarding to work, but to no avail.

Hmmm… maybe I have something Web related for you :slight_smile:

You got a PM.

Regards, Bigfoot29

Edit: I don’t want to post the address for all folks… the scripts creates a high load - I don’t want to get this abused… if you can’t use “normal” irc, just leave me a message. I will PM the address to you if needed.

just joined :wink:

haven’t seen you asking any questions there ^^
At the time I am in there I can only talk to two people… And if someone needs our help we will help.

IP’s been around the block concerning Panda.

I should be back in the IRC semi-regularly soon as I restart development with Panda3D.

looks dead to me

The channel seems to be empty when I login, except for a few users who are logged in but don’t seem to be present. I think that because I’m in the UK, and because I work during the day now, no one will be online when I am. I’m guessing most Panda3D hackers are in the US. Shame, because hacking will be much less fun without people to chat to on IRC.

hehe… well, I am rarely on IRC… don’t have the time hanging around :frowning:

Hope that changes somewhen - then you’ll see me there more often :smiley:

(hey, let an old man have his dreams… :wink: )

Regards, Bigfoot29

well… when I log in, there usually are at least 2 active ppl in the channel…

Do not leave the channel because of the low amount of active users… you’ll only make it worse :wink:

I just got my power back after a near 7 dat outage so you would defintely not have seen me in there lately :wink:

and I agree please dont leave if you dont have to , just because of low useage when you login etc…not everyone is online at sametime of day so you might have missed someone who logged in say a hour after you if you leave :wink:


The IRC channel is getting pretty active now (and I’m loosing hours of work because of it : )

Come join us, there are some people who will gladly help you with problems.


The IRC channel is a good hang-out and a great way to ask questions.

Any questions good enough to require logging should be put in a FAQ.

Also, why forum when there are mailing lists? It’s a HAZZLE logging in here and manually searching all the threads, writing replies in a small, crappy textarea, etc.
I want to use my highly configurable and usable e-mail client, please. It is configured perfectly for me and works great from my terminal, the Panda3D forum does not render well in terminals.