Collsion Event Pattern> several events for same collision

Hello Dear P3D brothers,

I yesterday discovered some new piece of information in Collision Section of the manual

I wonder if it’s possible to use this to send N Events with 1 single InPattern

For example, create an InPattern to send both

  • the generic “A-into-B” (using “%fn-into-%in” )
  • “Player-into-B” because A has the tag player (using "%(“Player"ih”)
  • a “CollisionMaterial_Player_Wall” event because A&B both have tag CollisionMaterial (using “%(CollisionMaterial)ft-%(CollisionMaterial)it”)

Hmm… Is there a way to include “or”-logic into such patterns? At the moment it looks as though the logic is “and”-logic - that is, that a pattern will only fire if all conditions are met. Thus a pattern including all of the elements that you suggest would seem to require that they all be available, and would then fire off a single event…


However, come to think of it, even if “or”-logic were available, I would expect it to still fire off only one event for one InPattern - but I’m no expert on this, and very much stand for correction.


However, although this is not really what you’re looking for, you can provide multiple InPatterns, can you not?