Hey guys,

I am learning how to use the engine, and I am currently at a point where I have animated and imported a model, created a road and imported everything and my model can now run around the place. I am trying to set up collisions. I am using Maya, so I have downloaded and installed the mel script which allows me to flag the objects.

Now for my questions:

  1. Which is the most common flag? barrier? Where can i find what is the difference between each flag?

  2. After I flag the objects and save them (as a mesh?) what do I have to do in the engine in order to work?

I am basing my work on the roaming ralph example, and so far I had no luck in duplicating the ground collisions with my own scene. Is the method used in that example only for uneven terrains? Mine is not uneven now, but I will use an uneven one eventually.

Thanks a lot

barrier is most common. In order to have any kind of speed on the scene you would have to “octreefy” it. sorry dont know much about maya specifics

Not if you saved them right i don’t think. But if not (common case) there is collision mask to set, collision queue to create and solids to attach.