Collisions, Blender and Panda

Hello there my beloved Panda3D Forum =)

I’m being honest here. I don’t have a clue about the link between Panda, Collisions and Blender. (you know already because of the topic^^)

Does Blender tell Panda what Object are Collision-Objects? If yes, I couldn’t find a Tutorial about how to make those, Are there any?

Whats the deal with this? Who tells what to do with the Boxes I create with Blender?

Do I put a Collision-Sphere around every Object? Or just around the Character? Whats the deal with that?

I’ve heard a bit about FROM and INTO Objects, I guess INTO objects are some objects that force an interaction with a FROM object? Where do i create those things and did I explain it correctly?

I would love to hear an explanation of this whole Topic.

I’m looking forward to your responses, I hope you have patience with someone like myself :frowning:

Thank you for everything :slight_smile:

Yeah, collisions can be confusing to understand, I would suggest this project: … sc&start=0
If you open the blend files, they have a text in the Text Editor Window with detailed info.

I would personally use collision spheres for characters and non playable characters, because its just fast. I would use a CollisionPolygon for the rest, made in a modelling package, and also a collision ray for player-terrain collision.

The reason for collision solids is that running collisions with visible geometry would be too resource demanding (you can do that too).

The reason to use collisionSphere is that Panda3d supports it quite well (I think it can collide with any other shape) and its fast. For more info:

Generally you would want some objects to collide with only certain objects and not with any other.

But these tutorials explain it all: … sc&start=0

And a video lecture: … 926&hl=en#

thank you for the reply.

I’ve developed my game quite a bit until now.
But i have a problem concerning objects in blender -> collision in panda

the fact is that if i make multiple boxes with multiple planes and set those planes a little bit higher than the boxes and set them as colliders (polyset descend)
chicken ignores the rest and only takes the one plane from the first box.

here is my map :

here is my sourcecode:

(collisions-intermediate, only changed mapname to my test1) … sc&start=0

thank you for submitting.

Sorry, but I only see 1 plane. And collisions work with it:

of course it worked because i made it this way, realizing that multiple planes didnt work

so here is the map+egg file for my problem

thank you very much

You might want to try a less annoying file hosting service, like this:
Yours crashed my browser, I tried with another one and got a broken file, when I tried again it said that I had reached the limit for free accounts.
You should make one huge plane

and what if i dont want to have one huge plane because i want to jump on other (higher or lower) cubes?

Did you have a look at the updated file?
You should have one huge plane (or anything) UNDER all the other planes. Think of it like this: the ray needs to hit something below it for the ‘gravity’ effect to work. Right now your ray goes into an ‘abyss’.

thanks for your reply :slight_smile:

i know now, how to set up my environment^^