CollisionHandling Questions

  1. Does CollisionTraverser perform a proximity check before actually testing for collsions? if not, is there an easy to do that on the app end?

  2. Does CollisionTraverse scan by GeomNode? i.e assuming 1) is true, would have all of my terrain under one GeomNode be worse than seperating it?


  1. Yes. Specifically, it tests the bounding volume of your solid. It also tests the bounding volume of the parent node of your solid, and so on up to the top of the graph, so there is some advantage to structuring your scene graph hierarchically such that nearby objects are siblings of each other under the same parent.

  2. Right, it is better to separate your GeomNode for the purposes of collisions. Of course, it is better to unify your GeomNode for the purposes of rendering, which is one of the reasons we encourage you to use CollisionNodes for collisions and GeomNodes for rendering, when performance is an issue.