CollisionHandlerQueue propagation

I have a problem with clearing the entries of CollisionHandlerQueue.
Using the method clearEntries seem to have no effect at all!
Does anyone know how to clear the entries of the queue??

self.ray = CollisionRay(center.getX(),center.getY(),center.getZ(),dirx,diry,dirz)

	self.__class__.LOSchecker.addCollider(self.rayNodePath, self.__class__.LOSqueue)
	print self.__class__.LOSqueue.getNumEntries()
	if(self.__class__.LOSqueue.getNumEntries() > 1):
		pickedObj = self.__class__.LOSqueue.getEntry(1).getIntoNodePath()
		print pickedObj

So you’re saying that if you insert a “print self.class.LOSqueue.getNumEntries()” immediately after the clearEntries, it prints a nonzero value?

Sorry, its my mistake. The ray was declared in a class and additional calls to that class attached more rays to my collisionhandler, thus generating more entries.