CollisionHandlerPusher, how to ignore if normal reversed

Hi panda community,

I’ve the following difficulties :

In that case,

The CollisionHandlerPusher find the left face and move the sphere in the other side of the left face.

How to tell to the CollisionHandlerPusher to ignore face when the face is not visible by the center of the sphere ?

Thank you

You will find that if you start asking the collision system to make this kind of exception, you will quickly get to a point where walls do not work reliably at all. The problem is that “when the wall is not visible to the sphere” is not a well-defined condition, and it also occurs when the sphere is behind the wall because it went directly through the wall and needs to be pushed out of it! So if you start excluding collisions because they cannot be seen, soon you will be excluding collisions that should be detected as well.

That said, if in this case you do not want both walls to be triggered at the same time, you could try drawing the walls so that they do not connect at the corner, but instead leave a gap of about the 1/2 the diameter of your sphere.


ok, I will try that. Thank you