CollisionBox() again

CollisionBox()'s dont seem to collide with each other. Any ideas?

No, they don’t. That intersection test hasn’t been written. A CollisionBox will currently only collide with a CollisionSphere.

If you’d like to write the necessary collision calculation, we’d be happy to accept patches. :slight_smile:


XD lol no wonder ive been stuck on this for almost 3 weeks! ill definitely see what i can dp if you can point me in a direction :stuck_out_tongue:

Box-box collision seems pretty easy to implement using 6 planes for each box, and calculating the intersection of those planes, and filtering out the points that fall outside of those planes.

wouldnt it be even easier to just use a collision polygon in the shape of a cube? then i dont have to mess around in panda source XD

I don’t think you’ll be able to use that as a from object.

If you don’t want to mess with the Panda source, you should consider using spheres instead, or use Bullet or ODE for collisions.

aah darn D: