Hello again,

I am not too clear on the collision bitmasks, (up to now I have used simple 1’s and 0’s) and am having trouble setting one collisionNode to multiple masks. (I have a 0 mask and a 1 mask, and want something to be both 0 and 1). Looking at the docs, it seems that I would want to make one take the middle bits, one take the lower bits, but am unsure how to do this. Any help appreciated.

Hmmm… BitMask32 has no documentation in the API docs. But lucky us we are using Python, and Python has --tada-- introspection. Try this:

from pandac.PandaModules import BitMask32
print dir( BitMask32 )

This should be enough documentation. If not, go on like this:

print BitMask32.allOn( )
print BitMask32.allOff( )

o = BitMask32( )
print o
o.setBit( 16 )
o.setBit( 12 )
o.setBit( 19 )
print o