Hi to all.

This is not really a question, but rather an instance of curiosity on my part. I was just wondering what others do with regard to collision solids. I know that you ideally model a mesh around your model and then export it as the collision solid, along with the model itself. The other way would be to just use Panda’s in-built collision solids. I just finished modelling, texturing and rigging all the characters for the initial launch of my game and the only thing left is to add collision solids to them. So…what advice do you have for me, based on your own experiences? I just started using this SDK this month, while some of you have been with it for years, it would not be too gratuitous to seek your advice.

Thanks in advance.

That depends.
Sphere are fast, accurate and can be used as from and into solids- so if they fit you should use them. Tube (capsule) would come second, it’s a good shape for players, monsters and so on if the collision won’t need to be perfect (like a arm or leg going outside the collision shape on animated actors). Segments (lines or rays) are good for weapons like swords an axes …or laser beams. For levels and anything static - polygons, it would have to be a very specific game where you could model the environment from spheres and lines alone;)

thanks for the tip.