In … ion_Solids
The example says that the collision is used to display cSphere_node-> show (), but the show method is not present in the class collisionNode.
I do like to see the collision?

I think the author of the C++ code on that page intended the show() to be called on the NodePath for that CollisionNode rather than the CollisionNode itself.

I revisited the code, and the show should be inserted in node collisionNode, but in a nodepath which is rendered in the scene. Here’s an example of the code
PT (CollisionSphere) cs = new CollisionSphere (0,0,0,0.5);
/ / create a node where to put the ball collision
PT (CollisionNode) sferaDiCollisione = new CollisionNode (“Sphere”);
sferaDiCollisione-> add_solid (cs);
/ / sferaDiCollisione-> show ();
/ / create a scene node that is attached to the node and visualize Actor
NodePath collNp = Attore.attach_new_node (sferaDiCollisione); ();

just as his colleague had suggested in previous post.