Collision geometry (actor)

Greetings, i’ve been gone a while.

I have had good success with putting a collision ray off of an actor as in the ralph tutorial. What I can’t seem to figure out how to do is to wrap a polygon (say, a rectangle) around a dude, and have it collide as desired.

I was able to put a sphere and a tube around him, but the sphere doesn’t behave the way I want it to, and the tube doesn’t work at all (no from collisions). I drew a 3 or 4 point poly around the guy, but it’s just a plane or a flat triangle. Is there a way to do a 3d poly around him?

I tried modelling a cube around him in blender, making it objecttype barrier and tying it to the actor but that didn’t seem to work.

Is there some better way to do this?
What i’m getting at is that I want the guy to follow uneven terrain,
Automatically “step” up onto a short object
or stop if he runs into something too tall to step up onto
eventually i’m going to want to be able to jump up onto medium size object (for example a crate)

Also I wish for him to stop before he gets “into” a solid object like a wall, or a rock. when the collision ray is going down from his center, half of his avatar renders inside the object before he stops moving. Seems like maybe in this case, the solid object should have a bigger copy of itsself with collision geometry around it, yes?)


You want to use spheres. A single sphere is more then 3 times faster then a single polygon. So you could have a sphere for feet, arms, body and head and still be faster.

But your other approach should work. I think you have an error in your collision setup.