collision event names

I am trying to set up a collision system for my game, and I was just wondering how do I know what the panda event will be called. I know how to format it (%fn, %in etch), but where does it get the names from?
Is it the part in parenthesis and ’ ’ that you put after the creation of a node?
id. root = render.attachNewNodeb[/b]


Never mind, I figured that part out. I have another question though.
When I tested the collisions, i had it accept the even, and call a function that would just print out COLLISION just to see if it would work. The functions only argument was self, and when it was called, it said it was given two arguments. The other, when I printed it, printed out

  from render/Player Root/amblyrin_fighter.egg/ship_cnode
  into render/temp.egg/station_cnode []
  at 14.2377 44.1796 14.2625
  normal -2.88115 -2.91022 -2.86873
  interior 14.5111 44.4557 14.5347 (depth 0.474382)
  respect_prev_transform = 0

My question is: How do I access the parts of this?
I see why I need it: so i can have multiple copies of objects and still have them interact correctly. But I don’t know how to access the parts.

Thanks again, I’ve been posting a lot lately, and you guys have been incredibly helpful, so Thanks

The function that you make to handle the collision needs to accept two arguments: self, and the CollisionEntry. This manual page describes CollisionEntries and what is contained in them.