Collision Detection

How do I set up a collision detection system with collision handler queque and a collision ray and tube?

Have you yet been through the section of the manual that covers collision detection?

Yes. However, I will be without internet soon and I need direct instructions.

Well, what, specifically, are you having trouble with?

In general, I believe that the process would be something like this:

(I presume that the tube is intended to be the “into” object and the ray the “from” object. I’m also presuming that you want the collision test done on every update; if not, look at the “Clicking on 3D objects” section of the manual.)

base.cTrav = aTraverser
self.queue = CollisionHandlerQueue(<params>) = CollisionTube(<params>)
self.ray = CollisionRay(<params>)
base.cTrav.addCollider(self.ray, self.queue)

#... Later, in the code intended to handle your queue:
# Optionally, sort from nearest to furthest:
for i in range(self.queue.getNumEntries()):
    entry = self.queue.getEntry(i)
    # Do something with the entry

You may, of course, want to attach these collision objects to other objects so that you can move them about.

As for losing internet connectivity, if you want access to those pages you should be able to simply save the relevant manual pages for later reference.