Collision detection - simple ways??

Im new to Panda3D and game programming in general, so excuse me if this is a noobish question :smiley:.

After reading through the manual on collision detection I still struggle to understand how I can get collision detection to work. Is there any way to load a kind of template model that defines where collision detection should occur or must I use the collision solids method (which is rather daunting for a beginner)?


P.S I have took a look at Astellix’s tutorial, but this seems to only apply to blender (I’m using 3ds Max).

Did you look at the roaming ralph example?

It has a lot of commentary on collisions.

I am a noob at Panda3d but I discovered that you can set the tags of the models (either in your 3d modeler or in your object creation code in python at run time) then have the collision handler check against those tags.

JB SKaggs

Thanks for the reply!
I’m having a look at the roaming ralph example right now, but i’m also interested in the tags idea - does this allow you to define an ‘invisible’ mesh around the object on screen and use that as a checker for collisions?

Edit: Just re-read the part of the manual on collision detection and was wondering how it is possible to load a model as a collision solid?

  • from the manual.