Collision detection problems

I am running into some problems with wall collisions. I am currently using the roaming Ralph collision rays to adjust the Z-axis of my avatars. The rays are working just fine by themselves, but when I try to add another collision solid (a sphere in this case) for my wall collisions the rays act up and my avatars continuously increase in the Z-axis like they are on an elevator. I am new to panda 3d and looking for any helpful suggestions on how to correct this issue, or better ways to accomplish both Z-axis adjustment and wall collisions with just collision solids.

It sounds like the ray is colliding with the sphere. Simply adjust the bitmasks in a way that the ray will not interfere with the sphere.
You’ll probably want to set your sphere’s into mask off and your ray’s into mask as well, while their ‘from’ masks collide with the rest of the world.

Thanks for the info I will try adjusting the bitmasks and see if that works out.