collision code request.

I am very new to this and have become frustrated with trying to get collisions and gravity to work. I have attempted to get this to work with code from the ball in maze demo and the roaming Ralph demo in addition to a few more. I want to make 2 balls vertically on top of each other with a little space between them. The top ball will have gravity affecting it(I actually go this part to work.). I want the top ball to collide with the bottom one and fall off due to physics. Anyone want to write this or point me in the correct direction (I have looked at the tutorials for physics and collision with no results)


Bump. I think it would only take 5 min to do. Even if you just use collision spheres, that would be fine.

Gravity and especially Physics is one of the more advanced topics. If you really need physics be prepared for lots of problems and hard to tune code.

There is no problem of having a player controlled acting like in a physical world (like falling down a bridge), but as soon as you want sphere’s, boxes and other things colliding with each other or the scene you will need some physics engine. Panda supports 3… ode, newton and physx, for samples search the forums.

However if you are starting to work with panda i recommend to start with something else then physics. Depending what you want to create you may find a way not requiring physics (like scripted events, aka intervals)