Collada file supported?


Its my first week working with Panda, great engine btw. My problem is that I can’t see any collada model .dae.

I read that there is a problem with the transparency value, but even if its 1, I see nothing… Somebody is able to load correctly a .dae?

Panda is suppose to support .dae files right? or just using the dae2egg converter?

Thank you.


Yes, it supports direct reading of .dae file. I export the basic cube from Blender 2.63 and it is visible in pview as a .dae file.

Panda does not support COLLADA files natively, but if you use the dae2egg converter it should work.

Loading a .dae file directly simply makes Panda invoke the dae2egg exporter under the hood.

Ok, thank you for the answers :slight_smile:

One last question, I read that loading a .bam file is a lot of faster than loading a .egg. So, what about loading a .dae file(200mb), if we convert it into a .egg (dae2egg) each time in real time in my visualization app, its gonna be a little bit too long, isnt it?

and do you have some sdk like ColladaDom but for EGG files? because I need to convert my data into Collada first, but if I can go directly to EGG or BAM, its gonna be even faster.

thanks in advance.

dae2egg is a command line tool. you can use it before starting your program and load the egg files only.
In contrast to bam, egg files are version independent. That said, work with egg files until your project is done and convert all egg files to bam just before deploying.